We audit and can help you save on most operating costs.

If your cost centre isn’t listed, please discuss your individual requirements.

All Raw Materials in Manufacturing

We obtain your procurement history from suppliers. We then utilise our experience and analytical tools to deliver worthwhile savings and process improvements.

Our review is comprehensive and pain-free.

Catering & Associated Supplies

We can often improve on the good work done by your catering team, delivering lower prices and improved process — always without prejudicing quality standards.

Credit Card Merchant Fees

Multi-layered charging structures require considerable expertise to deliver a true picture.

We work to lower monthly fees and identify hidden charges. Thereafter we recommend our monthly monitoring service.

Historical Cost Recovery

Acting as a “ghost” department of your business, we recover cash with little input from your staff. Our review covers duplicate invoices, VAT errors, missed discounts, property rental/rates and insurance etc, dating back 4 years or more.

You only pay our fee once you have received any refunds/credits.

Janitorial & Workwear

We provide high-quality, cost-effective solutions with attention to Health, Safety and Environmental Stewardship.

Office & Print Consumables

Due to the sheer variety of desktop and IT consumables, purchasing in this category can be haphazard, even random! We collate data from supplier management reports.

Anticipate worthwhile process savings.


We can help with all your custom printing requirements, including web ordering capacity.

Rating - Compliance

Inaccurate billing, acquisitions, voids, disposals and change of use can affect your business rates bill. Are you actually receiving accurate business rate bills? Our job is to validate for the future and recover over-payments.

Rating - Empty Properties

Many companies entering restructuring programme can now manage empty rate liabilities for non-operational properties. Our unique service combines legal expertise and qualified rating experts.


What with masses of tariffs and special offers — all on an ever-shifting basis — best-value decisions become increasingly elusive. We provide an independent objective report.

  • Business Landline Calls
  • Business Data Solutions
  • Business Mobile
  • Cloud and VOIP
  • Line audit: unused legacy lines, doubling up on services

Waste Management

Cost-effective solutions for safe collection and removal of waste materials whilst maintaining both protection of public health and the environment.


We undertake bill analysis/validation, leak detection and repair, surface water drainage, trade effluence and efficiency auditing.