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From: Guy Leonard, Managing Director, Europe and Africa Region
30 July 2012
via email

The Auditor approached Mott MacDonald in 2010 to offer their specialist services in rationalising and reducing the costs of procurement. They were commissioned to undertake an exercise of seeking to reduce procurement cost on office desk-top products and stationery consumables. As part of the briefing process, Mott MacDonald warned The Auditor that the business’ procurement of such items was extremely fragmented, with each office location effectively making its own arrangements.

Once The Auditor team embarked upon the exercise of collating the necessary information and lists of existing suppliers, they reported that it was a more complex commission than they had ever previously dealt with and it would take considerably longer to conclude than they had anticipated. They nevertheless remained committed to the task and eventually suggested a process which appointed a single national supplier, deploying a Mott MacDonald selected approved list of products. The key benefit of the exercise was in line with their original advice, reducing annual expenditure by 50%, from £500k to £250k pa.

Having appointed the successful supplier, The Auditor delivered the continuing commitment they had undertaken to provide in embedding commitment and compliance with the new arrangements. Despite the significant additional time and effort that The Auditor had to expend to achieve the target result, their agreed fee, based on a proportion of the savings achieved, was adhered to.

Mott MacDonald was impressed with The Auditor’s service and the fact that their service delivered what they said it would at the outset. I would happily recommend to other organisations wishing to streamline their processes and reduce their cost of procurement in similar areas.

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