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From: Alan Lattimer
Sent: 17 November 2006 12:42
Subject: CRA - reference note


I have been asked to let you have a few words on our experiences with CRA.

It has been a very successful relationship for DJ. Through the work of The Auditor, we have identified savings in excess of £130k p.a. The process of using The Auditor involved very little time from DJ staff. We pointed them towards our source data for their analysis, they gathered this data, collated it, performed the analysis and contacted existing as well as benchmark suppliers. We had to agree for them to contact our existing suppliers. We did get further involved when we decide to change a couple of suppliers to get the full benefit of The Auditor recommendations although savings were also available from our existing suppliers.

We are now able to verify the savings through the changes we have made and we are making larger savings than those identified by The Auditor. This is a real win / win relationship, in that if no savings are identified and made then no cost is incurred, you only incur cost if you make savings and you get the benefit of ongoing support and assistance.



Alan Lattimer
Drivers Jonas, 6 Grosvenor St, London W1K 4DJ

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