Improves Profitability

Overhead costs? Following all your good work, consider us as an added resource that quickly delivers improved profitability through savings and recoveries.

Since 1993 we have delivered sustainable improvements across all industries.

The results:

  • lower costs
  • recoveries from paid accounts
  • best-in-class service levels
  • effective ongoing compliance processes


Audit data is acquired electronically from suppliers.

Audit analysis takes place remotely; your day to day activities are uninterrupted.

Meetings are conducted using Cisco WebEx video conferencing.


Your Audit Report clearly defines savings, recoveries and potential process improvements.

We respect your existing supplier relationships and work closely with them.


In securing cost reductions we act as a totally independent consultant. We do not have preferred suppliers; we obtain quotations from your current suppliers as well as carefully-matched potential suppliers.


We work on a “no savings, no fee” basis. Our fee is an agreed percentage of the savings, payable for one year.

We do not request any payment until we have successfully completed your Audit. Our fee can be paid in quarterly installments as you benefit from the savings.

Business Type Reviewed Savings %
Bank £1,320,000 £380,000 29%
Solicitors £2,200,000 £510,000 24%
Insurance Company £2,280,000 £603,000 26%
Media £1,100,000 £330,000 30%
Government Dept £270,000 £99,000 37%

Contract Compliance

Non-contract spend is one of the biggest challenges in indirect procurement. We deliver joined-up proposals that ensure compliance with your agreed contract pricing. Highlighted savings are validated.

Historical Recoveries are also delivered in many cost centres.


We are available on an ongoing basis to assist with any supplier performance issues.